National Tek ● Services, Inc.

Tek ● Services

National Tek Services, Inc. Tek ● Services enable our clients to improve their services availability to their end users. It is our goal to enable you to better meet your business objectives through our comprehensive proactive custom services offerings.

Back Office Services, Office Administration Services Helpdesk, Internal Procurement and Vendor Management Solutions

Oversite of your LAN, ON Premise based devices:
This offering is for under 200 device network.

Annual & or Quarterly based Cloud Application Services, Microsoft Office 365
Tools we use every day.

T & M Based Network Infrastructure Services:
No contracts on demand T & M Based Client Maintenance Services. Patches updates desktops, mobile devices, and remote clients and network devices maintenance, troubleshooting, through resolution.

No contracts on demand Managed Client Service:
Monthly & or Quarterly based Email Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Picture Malware Filtering Services.

Harware Prep:
Prep and Ship, Tests, Burn, Hot Spares, Servers, Appliances’ Networking Infrastructure, Desktops, Notebooks & Tablets.

National Tek Services, Inc. Server offering includes installing new servers, upgrading existing servers, performing remote maintenance on servers including security updates and audits as well as general server maintenance and Software updates.

Installations, Imaging, Product Sales, Shrink Wrap, Volume Licensing and Maintenance Agreements available. SOHO through Enterprise solutions available.

LAN/WAN Design Consulting:
Assisting, or complete connectivity design, IP scheme creation, domain structure, or technology refreshment project service. National Tek Services, Inc. experts have years of experience with network implementation and monitoring services.

Project Management:
National Tek Services, Inc. cost effective project management solutions led by our experienced project managers.

Bandwidth Analysis:
Who’s using how much, when? Breakdown by service type, spikes, critical vs. non-critical.

Remote Monitoring:
Network Production Monitoring enabling isolation, pinpointing, and recommendations to adjust network-related application performance.

Remote Server Monitoring:
Remote Server Monitoring and Management Services will increase your servers’ availability and will improve its reliability and stability.

Proactive Maintenance Services:
Scheduled patches, updates and general maintenance for printers, servers, desktops, notebooks, mobile devices, patches, updates and remote clients maintenance.

Forklift Network Upgrades:
There is a point when this is the more cost effective solution.

Telephone Answering Call Routing Services:
Custom application & Public Service Announcement Auto Dialers.

Hard Copy Break Fix Services:
Printers, scanners & faxes.

Our complete technology solutions to our clients feature Cisco Certifications training along with other designations, & includes application training for numerous industry top tier products.

National Tek Services, Inc offers contractual basis, month to month, T&M, semi, quarterly, or annual services. We have billing options that will meet your requirements. National Tek Services has over 25 years of technology solutions services. We are more than happy to discuss your needs, the solutions & products available to get to those solutions that are available in today’s market. We partner with numerous technology OEMS that enable us to have extensive depth in multiple service solutions. We believe in having a conversation with our existing, and potentially future clients, to understand your needs and guide you to a proper fit in all we offer. Please call, or email us anytime to discuss your environment, your business needs, & your pain points. We are here to assist you with the technology components for your firm.